ClearCorrect Clear Braces

Our office  provides Clear Aligner Therapy for limited orthodontic cases on adults above 18 years old. Our case acceptance is limited in scope to less complicated cases that range from 4-12 months of treatment time. Patients can benefit from the lower cost alternative while having a licensed and local dentist handle your case to completion. This take significant risk away from the patient vs “at-home” aligner companies.

Treatment begins with a digital scan of your teeth, photos and consult with Dr. Longo about your case. Our office has a great alternative to traditional metal braces: ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect, similar to Invisalign, is an easy and discreet solution to fix many common conditions. 

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Rotated or Angled Teeth
  • Poor Archform and Esthetics